The Details of our Giveaway are here!

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We’ll announce the winner at the beginning of July

We’re having a Giveaway!

Hand Painted Wine Glass can be Personalized - Elaborate Fleur de Lis Pattern

Personalized Hand Painted Glass

We have a goal for this year. To have 1000 Facebook likes by the end of the year. We started with 349 and we are up to 550, so we have a ways to go by the end of the year.

In order to encourage you to share with us with your friends and families, we are having a give away. We’ve created a special one of a kind glass that we will personalize for the winner. We hope that this will encourage you all to let others know about us and our service.

The contest starts today, there are some conditions to enter and we will announce the winner at the end of June.

So, good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone participate.

While Looking around the internet searching for Inspirational Quotes


On our Facebook page, I post a quote of the day from Monday through Friday, so today I was looking for something to tell you all how much I love and appreciate you for Valentine’s Day, which sent me to Pinterest to look for an image.

Well, once you get to Pinterest, you know what happens, you see something shiny and off you go, from one thing to the next whatever catches you eye. Today I found myself looking at Emerald and Diamond Crowns. Brides and Grooms, watch this space for some new designs that should be coming soon!

In the meantime, we have some hand painted wine glasses in our collection already that have crowns on them and you can find them in our website.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses with Crowns for Bride and Groom White and Silver Crowns 02 Royal Blue and Gold King and Queen 01 Royal Blue and Gold King and Queen 02

Purple was the color of the Day Yesterday

I tried an experiment yesterday.  Posting only things we have painted using the color purple on our Facebook page every hour throughout the day.  Now, I know that this is not something I can do every day, because it would just take too much time and it would get stale after a while, but it sure was fun to see peoples’ reactions to a variety of designs.  This is definitely something I will remember to do again.

I thought I would try a similar experiment here as well.  So, beginning today I will make several posts showing off the color purple.  We will try and make a purple week without duplicating anything from the Facebook page.  Please feel free to offer your feedback.

21st Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass in Purple Orange and Lime Green

21st Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass in Purple Orange and Lime Green

21st Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass

Purple Orange 21st Birthday Close Up

St Patricks Day is coming and we just painted a new set of glasses to Celebrate

This set of Shot and Beer glasses were painted as a 30th Birthday gift, but we think they’ll make a great gift for any occasion.  Please feel free to ask us for any colors you would like.

Hand Painted Shamrocks and Polka dots in Emerald Green Hot Pink and White on a 12 oz Pilsner and a Shot Glass

New for St Patricks Day! Hand Painted Shamrocks and Polka dots in Emerald Green Hot Pink and White on a 12 oz Pilsner and a Shot Glass. This make a great set and a unique gift for anyone!

Hand Painted Shot and Beer Glass Set with Shamrocks and Polka Dots

To Begin the Year Right

I am going to talk about each of our categories of hand painted glasses and highlight some of my favorites. So to begin in reverse alphabetical order, I will start with the Veterinarian.

Veterinarian Theme hand painted wine glass

Veterinarian Theme hand painted wine glass

Shown here in Red, we have also painted it in shades of Purple at the same time. You can see them both here:

Its the beginning of a New Year

I promise to try to keep this blog updated a little more often than in the past.

That said, we paint wine glasses, but I have a life as well.  Ok, so I’m a pretty private person and I don’t really like to talk about myself, but I promise to try to talk more about myself here in this space.

So, last month I was working what felt like 24/7  from Thanksgiving until December 20th.  It was pretty cool to be that busy again.  Last year was a really tough one.  I started out the year with 3 employees and ended it as just me again.  Its been a long time since it was just me, but here I am re-building.  Doing what I love, painting glass.

I hope to be entertaining and informative here in this space.  Tomorrow I’ll have some glasses to show that we made throughout the Holiday season.

Thanks for your time,


More Birthday Glasses to Show you

Well, I have been so busy lately.  Giving the website a fresh new look, creating a Mother of the Groom flute with a tennis theme, getting one of my merchants ready for the Virginia Wine Expo.  Oh yes, you can buy our glasses there.  But today, I would like to talk about 30th Birthday Glasses.  We’ve been working on them, so here are a couple.

First our Candle glass.  It wears a crown and has candles painted around the bowl of the glass and around the base.  Above the candles and behind the number 30 is where we personalize this design. 

This glass is available in any color combination

  Then there is our glass with the balloons.

This one came out way more whimsical than the 60th Birthday glass the design was based on.
A few months ago someone asked me to paint a custom 30th Birthday glass for Nicole using polka dots, balloons and also represent her career (nurse) and this is what I came up with.

30th Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass with Polka Dots and Balloons

Hand Painted Glasses make a Great Keepsake for Brides

We paint many glasses for every occasion.  One of my favorites is for weddings.  We get to share in so many happy times and I have got to tell you.  It makes my days.  Let me show you a few of the glasses we have painted just for Brides.  Another day I will show you some things that we have made for Brides and Grooms.

Here Comes the Bride
Hand Painted Wine Glass
This glass has a little black dress

an engagement ring

and Shoes

 We have made Bride glasses with just patterns like this one with Fleur de Lis, which I think are really cool!

Hand Painted Wine Glass for a Bride
with Fleur de Lis

Hand Painted Glasses make Great Birthday Gifts

We paint glasses for Milestone Birthdays all the time.  Come see our selection of 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc.  They draw attention to the Birthday girl or boy and look terrific as a part of your tablescape.

This is our 21st Birthday glass it was our first glass that became popular and it has evolved some over time.  It comes in different colors and you can even get it with animal prints inside the number for an extra charge.
21st Birthday Glass with Leopard Print.  Do not forget to ask about the Zebra Print as well.
We have other patterns for 21st Birthday Glasses as well.  How about Balloons?  We’ll show them to you in our next post.